Charcoal teeth whitening powder review // 25.07.17

Since paying someone to whiten my teeth using a non peroxide whitening gel which, as you'll know, I thought was a let down when you had to pay £60 regularly to maintain it and the results weren't that impressive, I've been looking for a natural way to keep my teeth white that's affordable. Just before I left to go away to Spain, I received a little parcel from the Natural Teeth Whitening Co which contained their natural activated charcoal teeth whitening powder. So I thought I may as well take it away with me and try it out.

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I used it twice a day like suggested, brushing the product on for 2 minutes and rinsing after brushing my teeth normally.I was shocked at the initial brightening of my teeth. They haven't gone a bright ice white, you're never going to get that straight away, especially with natural products but there was a clear difference from before and after having a whiter smile.

I have to say it's not really what I expected for a charcoal teeth whitener; I expected a gritty bad tasting powder that only cons you into thinking your teeth are whitened because you've just seen them covered in a black paste. This is totally false! This product is a smooth tasteless powder that lasts around a month and makes a significant improvement to the colour of your teeth. The best bit is it's vegan friendly! 

I would definitely recommend this as a regular maintainable teeth whitener that won't damage your teeth, bank account or the environment.
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